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John Newton


Since its inception in 2005,
John Newton and Associates (JNA)
has weaved together groundbreaking 
Human Resources and Learning Development strategies.

As one of the most innovative Human Resources and Learning and

Development Training companies in the United States, JNA is dedicated to assisting companies and individuals achieve their maximum potential. We offer a progressive, full suite of people-development, bottom-line building services.


John Newton is a Public Speaker, and Human Resources and Learning and Development professional, with more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record of successfully helping companies and individual clients reach their ultimate possibilities in and outside of the workplace. In addition

to his role with John Newton and Associates, John has been a longtime Instructor for both DePaul University and Northern Illinois University. 


About JNA



JNA provides people and companies with Human Resources and Learning and Development initiatives that drive growth and profitability.







JNA is committed to driving a global kindness campaign demonstrating that kindness is a key component for business and personal success.






» Kindness – Be kind to all. It is good                 business and the right thing to do.
» Accountability – Own your successes

     and your mistakes.
» Passion – Love what you do, live

     what you love.
» Potential – Reach for the stars,

     believe in your reach.
» Service – Treat every person as if

     they are the most important person

     in the world.



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Kindness, Accountability, Passion, Potential, Service
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