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Customized Training

National, Chicago and Suburbs

JNA delivers “ready-to-present” and customized trainings. These are behavior-enhancing, results-oriented trainings. You will see a return on your investment through more staff support in meeting strategic goals and increased profits for your organization. A sampling of trainings for your different staff groupings include:

Leadership Development

From Manager to Leader

Succession Planning

Motivating Your Employees

Maximizing Potential from Your Employee

Succession Planning

Coach and Mentor

Strategic Planning



Management Skills Building

Manager Fundamentals 100: The New Manager

Manager Fundamentals 200: The Experienced Manager

Interviewing Essentials: Finding Superstars

Employment Law: What Every Manager Should Know

Influencing With Authority

The Performance Management Process

The Investigation

Termination With Confidence

Difficult Conversations

Maximizing Potential from your Employees


All Staff
All Staff

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Influencing Without Authority

Customer Service - An Honor and a Responsibility

Diversity and Inclusion

Conflict Resolution

What it Takes to Be an Effective Presenter Meeting Facilitation/Meeting Participation


Sales Staff

Sales Steps to Success

The Art of the Close

Customer Relationship Management



Human Resources Team

What Every HR Person Should Know  Interviewing Essentials

Coaching the Manager

Having the Hard Conversations

Critical Laws That Drive Us

Recruiting for Company Fit

Building a Performance Review Process That Works



Kindness, Accountability, Passion, Potential, Service
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