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Speakers Bureau

Need an inspiring an informative speaker? Keynote? Seminar? Company meeting? Conference? Let John Newton and Associates help make your event memorable. Be prepared to learn, reflect, laugh and grow when listening to a JNA speaker. Speech lengths can be 15 - 90 minutes in length.




Kindness is the Bottom Line

Be a businesses that stands out because of your kindness. Be kind to your employees and they will be more happy and productive. Be kind to your customers and they will remain loyal. If being kind for kindness sake is not enough reason to be kind in the workplace, then how about the bottom line?

It is good business to be kind. Kindness can positively impact your financial

bottom line.


Motivate and Engage Your People

Learn how to identify what drives people. Give your people a voice and the chance to make a difference…and they will!


From Manager to Leader

Identify the leadership potential within your Management Staff and find ways to develop and grow those skills. (This speech is a companion piece to the JNA ‘From Manager to Leader’ Management Training Course)




Coaching the Coach: Become Victorious in the Performance Management Game

An all seasons approach to the fundamentals to leading your team. Whether coach, assistant coach, player or referee, recognize the skills necessary to use performance management to drive productivity and actually increase employee engagement.


Human Resources Professionals: Demand Your Seat at the Table

Why the HR professional should have a seat at the table. As a matter of fact, HR needs to be involved in planning the meal, cooking the meal, serving the meal and eating the meal. HR is so much more than simply who should clean-up from the meal!


Interview Great, Hire Great

What every person tasked with interviewing should know. Simple techniques for bringing great people to your organization. 



Personal/Professional Self-Care

Take Care, Take Charge, Take Off

Why you must take care of yourself if you want to positively impact those around you. Gain specific tools to build a stronger you in order to effectively sustain a fulfilling personal and professional life. 



Customized Speeches

John Newton and Associates is expert at creating from scratch a speech tailored-to-your-topic of choice. We have a variety of talented speakers with a diverse background of industry and experience.  



Please contact for schedule availability and pricing. You will be glad you did!​.

Kindness, Accountability, Passion, Potential, Service
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