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Customized Training

"Our management group had an excellent experience when John came in to our office to teach the ‘Interviewing: Does an Organization Good’ Skills Training Course. Not only is John's personality engaging and his energy contagious, but he has a wealth of knowledge in the area of human resources, specifically in interviewing skills. His real-life examples and role-playing exercises really helped the participants understand the value behind the content of the training. We are looking forward to having John come back and present on other pertinent topics and would recommend JNA training services to other organizations." 


—Emily Donlon, Human Resources Manager, Mettler Toledo,

LLC CI Vision Division


Human Resources
and Customized Training

“John uses real-life examples and experiences as a tool to bring to life what can be dry or technical information (compliance, theories, laws) in an engaging, relatable and relevant manner. These stories stay with you when jargon often does not. My managers really relate to John’s approach.”


—Michelle Burgess, Vice Presidentof Human Resources, Tris3ct

“John Newton has designed and led trainings many times at LAN International. Nobody knows how to talk to all levels of employees like John. When he left his Vice President of Human Resources role with LAN International to form his consulting business, our organization was devastated. A few years later, when we were having some significant management relations issues, John was the person to call. He came in, assessed our current situation and customized his leadership training program to help develop our managers into great leaders. The training series “From Manager to Leader” emphasized what it takes to enhance strong management skills while developing true leaders of our organization. We have since brought John back for additional trainings for our entire staff. His "Sexual Harassment Prevention" training is remarkable. I recommend John for all of your Management and Staff training needs.”


—Patti Roberts, Senior Vice President of

LAN International/Clear Channel Communications

Development Coaching
and Customized Training

“JNA, was brought on to provide consulting when I started a new hospice corporation. John designed and delivered all of the necessary training programs necessary for our paid and non-paid (volunteer) staff. He also conducted the recruiting for all levels of our organization, from front-line to senior executive. John guided the development of the extensive policy and procedure employee handbook. His expertise in HR/employment Law was invaluable. John headed our long-term care facility in-service education team. The hospice had a program for providing trainings to nursing homes and long-term care facilities throughout multiple states. The reviews from the staff at these facilities were the best of our organization. These programs met all state and federal regulations and helped facilities meet their education training compliance regulations. John’s ability to reach people of many skill levels (including varied socio-economic, language and education background) added greatly to his success as a Consultant and Trainer.John provided extensive formal and informal training to our management team throughout his Consultant assignments. He always knew how to get to the core of issues. Our organization included doctors on the management team. They are a tough audience to get through to, and John always knew how to reach them. We are all better managers and leaders because of his efforts.”


—Dorothy Stahl

(Retired) Vice President of Hospice of America Corporation/

Executive Director of Harbor Light Hospice

"I was immediately drawn to John’s engaging and down-to-earth teaching style as his student at DePaul and reached out to him about career coaching in the HR space. Since then, we’ve collaborated on leadership development, employee performance and career coaching at Morningstar as well as a multitude of training topics all crafted and facilitated by John on-site. I thoroughly recommend working with John because he truly takes the time to understand your organization’s culture. I trust John as a partner to coach and train our workforce to continuously improve a stronger organization."


—Carolyn Valahu

Learning and Development Coordinator, Morningstar

Development Coaching

“My 20-year career in aviation and human resources management had unexpectedly come to a standstill during the Great Recession, and I found myself alternately under-employed and un-employed, despite having a very good resume and track record. I retained JNA to refocus and shape my job search and to prepare me for strong performance in interviews. During a 6-month period, John expertly tuned and focused my search process; guided me in the preparation of superior communications and documents and helped me navigate the emerging world of web-based application and selection tools. His proprietary methodology for assessing and quantifying client interests and strengths allowed me to concentrate my search efforts on the most likely productive targets. Throughout all of this, his upbeat, knowledgeable coaching and encouragement helped me move forward with a positive outlook. The happy result was that I was able to secure my present position, in which I am quite satisfied, productive and well compensated!”


—David Kaufman

(SPHR 2010), Chief Airport Operations Supervisor,

Chicago Midway International Airport


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