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Development Coaching

National, Chicago and Suburbs

JNA provides professional and personal development coaching to people seeking to polish a certain skill, advance their career within their current professional situation, transition into a new career or exit unemployment or under-employment.



The JNA coaching program begins with a conversation to identify what the client is seeking from a professional coach. Our coaches are prepared to address items as diverse as:


»  Leadership skills

»  Management skills

»  Career development planning

»  Organization skills

»  Managing up

»  Working well with peers

»  Time management

»  Business development

»  Selling skills

»  Staying focused, staying on plan

»  Organizational design

»  Communication skills

»  Customer relationship management

»  Dealing with conflict





The JNA coaching program works with individuals at all levels of an organization. Regardless of industry and for-profit/non-profit status, the JNA coaching program will help drive immediate behavioral change with identifiable results.


Executive Leadership

Every person, regardless of their level of organizational success, can discover areas for developmental opportunities. It can be lonely at the top, but it does not have to be.  Chief Officers, Senior Vice Presidents, Presidents, Executive Directors and Business Owners can confidentially share their concerns, fears, and dreams safely with a JNA executive coach.


Management and Supervisory Staff

An individualized coaching effort can build up critical skills required to turn a good manager into a great one. Regardless of the experience level, all Directors, Managers, and Supervisors’ skill-sets can be improved.


High Potential Team Members

As an employer, when you discover a gem, you must be willing to polish it. Providing your new, key and high contributing staffers’ time with a JNA coach will help position them to achieve great things at your company.


Individuals Seeking to Discover and Live their Passion

Gain the tools to create a career that provides you your “soul food.” Create and follow a plan that will assure a path towards making money doing something you love to do. If you are ready for a transition, job hunting, under-employed or unemployed, invest in yourself now. You are worth it!


There is a JNA coaching program right for any individual, whether paid by the employer or the individual.
»  Block sessions (six sessions minimum.)
»  Individual session (As needed.)
»  One-and-done (A three-hour intensive look at current state with an emphasis on                taking charge and creating effective changes.)
»   Project (An approach that provides flexibility with time and format spent between            the client and the JNA coach, emphasizing on a particular identified issue or goal.)

Please click here to request a JNA Sales Associate to reach out to you and determine which

Development Coaching Service

is ideal for you or your staff.

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