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Human Resources  Services

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Human Resources On Call (HRC)

Need to bounce an approach or idea off someone? Call JNA. Our unique HRC program establishes the support relationship before you need it. Plan now for when you need objective and informed support for tricky HR issues. HRC is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.



Direct Recruitment

JNA will recruit any of your open positions. JNA Recruiters are experts at finding employees who bring both needed skills and match a company’s culture.


Temporary/Ongoing HR Staffing (Co-sourced)

JNA provides Human Resources professionals to manage or join the HR team at your organization. JNA has specialists and generalists prepared to provide direct support with Recruitment, Selection, Orientation and Onboarding, Staff Development, Performance Management and Disciplinary, Compensation and Benefits, Payroll, Succession Planning and Off-Boarding. Whether an interim or ongoing need, our Associates are ready to help.


Outsources Human Resources

Let JNA be your outsourced but in-touch Human Resources Department. We can run all of your Human Resources functions seamlessly. 



Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures

Need an annual review of your handbook (a ‘Best Practice’), a major overwrite it or need one created? JNA shines at creating employee handbooks that drive stellar performance and provide employees with expectations as a member of your organization.


If you have a policy that you want reviewed or want to confirm you are current and compliant with changes in laws and regulations, let JNA review or create policies and procedures to inform and protect.

Onboarding and Offboarding

JNA can customize and deliver an orientation program for your organization that is organized and comprehensive, represents your company’s culture and effectively sets up your employees for success.


Planning a reduction-in-force or layoffs? JNA can help you avoid the legal landmines. We also offer an array of tools such as resume writing, job hunting and career transitioning to help exiting employees land their next great job.


Succession Planning

It is not a matter of if a board member, senior executive, management member, or key position will turnover, but when the turnover will occur. Is your company prepared to capitalize on the change by identifying a plan for replacing those positions through solid Succession Planning? Let JNA develop a plan that works for your unique organization.


HR Audit

JNA specializes in comprehensive HR audits and Targeted Review Audits. We have a three-step approach:


1. What has to be addressed immediately (compliance items; legal/lawsuit risk).


2. What needs to be addressed, but can be planned and prioritized over a period-     of-time (‘Best Practice’ items assuring a smooth running, risk-mitigation               approach to Human Resources).


​3. Nice to have (engagement and culture-building initiatives).


Training Design and Delivery

JNA can design and deliver behavior-enhancing, results-oriented HR trainings for your company including New Hire, Competency Building, Management Skill Development, Leadership and Motivation.

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